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Hi Carl & Team! I took delivery of my new Pursuit Supple Road frame back in early November, and finally, after several hundred miles of riding… got a decent picture of the finished bike! It’s an awesome bike, as expected. Takes plenty of the buzz and chop out of my rides here in North Texas, where the road surfaces are pretty terrible (lots of chip-seal and poorly-paved surfaces). The smooth and efficient ride keeps a smile on my face no matter how long I’m on the saddle. I love that the bike finds that magical “laterally stiff and vertically compliant” balance through great design and materials rather than gimmicky mechanical devices or “de-coupled” frames. A true pleasure to ride! Thank you!!!  

Kevin B. - Supple Road

I wanted to share these with you and a large shout out to all there for doing what you do to keep people like me on 2 wheels more than 4 ;)

i have been really enjoying my "P2" as noted on Garmin devices and to be  honest at the same time feel a bit guilty for setting up P1 as a road bike, now that I have experienced what your All Road really is capable of and performs beyond with a gravel set up!  

The thing just floats over rock gardens under even power and the balance in slippery conditions is amazing.  

thanks again and keep it up........

G. - All Road

I hope this email finds you (and the entire crew) healthy, happy and still riding.....

Words can not describe  how much I love my Pursuit.....when I am on the bike....feet locked into the pedals, hands resting on the brake hoods, (hopefully the wind at my back), perfectly fit frame for my body.....I feel I have total freedom and to ride on any terrain from the rough country pothole roads in Maine to the smooth rail trails around New England...and gravel...I always incorporate some gravel on my bliss....I have a hard time stopping and ending a ride.....the perfect bike for me....thank you !!!!  ( I even lost 23 pounds this and riding....)  

Rich M. and Nadine B.- All Road

​ I took it for a spin this morning. It is absolutely perfect for me. The fit is right on. It is stiff and strong and feels like it will be much more resilient than the finicky lightweight bikes I’ve been riding. It tracks really well and is quite nimble even in with the 35 all round tires. The set up is perfect for the New England roads. 

Mark P- All Road

​ Rides beautifully. Photo taken at River Road Batenkill River Arlington VT 

Handles smoothly and very comfortably over the varying array of road surfaces here in Vermont. Chris King wheelset is fabulous. 

Ken K- All Road

​ I only did 2 short rides, but so far I told my husband that I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more comfortable on a bike. 

Nikki B- All Road

I feel no compromise on the road and if anything, it feels more sporty than the Roubaix with 25 cm tires. The shifting is easy and smooth.

Dave B- All Road

Bike came out great...and that paint job is craziness!

Scott B- All Road

The bike is gorgeous and definitely turns heads. It's light, responsive and descends and ascends really well. The bike was absolutely rock stable going over uneven asphalt at 50mph.

Rudy L- Supple Road

Tomorrow’s ride will put me at just over 1000 miles on the new bike. You spec’ed out the frame perfectly for me.   I feel so centered on the bike whether it’s climbing or descending, sitting or standing and most of all when riding rough roads or sketchy gravel. I’m loving it! 

Chuck D- All Road

I got to ride the bike last weekend and it performed amazingly. It did everything I want from road bike. I could not be happier. I hit 62mph on my first big downhill and carved every turn

Russell T - Supple Road

Hi Mtn road south of San Luis Obispo. New bike is doing great!😀

Darren P - Supple Road

This bike is amazing, It turns every watt into forward motion, it cuts lines like a scalpel through the corners. It dances up hills...and it's the most beautiful bike I've ever seen.

Rob C - Pure Road

Another quick note to say how much I love the bike.  Every time I ride it I like it more and more.  Thanks for everything.

Tony M- Pure Road

Very, very nice!  Lots of oohs and ahhs from the group.  A real pleasure to ride.  The shifting learning curve is quite short - and my gosh, I thought STI was good.  This stuff is amazing!

Thank you again for your efforts to make this happen -  I know I am very fortunate to have this bike at this time.

Greetings from Espana! Today we rode up and caught Stage 18 of the Vuelta.  This pic was taken at the base of today’s final climb, the Gamonteiru (sp?) as we got front row viewing as they started the descent. We later caught them on a climb. Good fun!

We’re really enjoying the riding over here and I am especially happy to be on my new bike!

John P - Supple Road

The bike is great. I did a 40 mi., slow, group ride on Monday. Half way through the ride I finally noticed the bike underneath me. It just seemed to disappear under me. I’ve had chronic but minor hand numbness with my left hand on rides more than an hour for as long as I can remember. 3+ hours on the bike Monday and both hands were fine.

Joe M - All Road

Well. She arrived. And as awesome as I hoped. Perfect trip w no dings !

You guys will get a lotta looks and posts from here in Miami. Really nice work Carl. As nice as I had hoped. Thank you sir. 

Bobby C - Pure Road

​I finally managed to get some pictures of the Pursuits. Absolutely love these bikes, thanks again!

Craig W - Pure Road/All Road

Was finally able to get out on my new bike yesterday for a get aquatinted ride. It was an absolute blast. Love the handling on the single track, the short spell I was on. I’ll give it some gravel miles here soon! On the road, it was fast….imagining what it would feel like on slicks.

Bike is awesome. Thank you and high fives all around to your team!

Jeff H - All Road

Overall, well done. Craftsmanship is solid.

Comfort is unique and enjoyable. I sense the road very well. But it is absorbed—dampened? I guess that is “compliance.”

Took about 100 miles to feel I had respect of your geometry. As you stated a bike well balanced inspires confidence. I am taking corners 2-3 mph faster than on my IF.  

I believe you created a bike that shares the learning and enjoyment that I requested and you promised.

Scott S - Pure Road

​I got my new Pursuit in early April, and have about 2000 miles on it so far. I LOVE IT! I ordered in October, I think. The frame was done in February or so, and then the wait was for components (Shimano 8100), which kind of arrived out of the blue. I agree that for a top of the line customized bike, it's a great deal.

I just wanted to tell you that the bike is fantastic! It feels a lot like my old Parlee--really snappy and stiff and responsive, this bike will still give me a lot of joy. 

Thanks again for everything!

Onno O- Supple Road

My Pursuit exceeded my expectations. I found the ride quality lively, stiff when climbing but with an amazing ability to smooth the road. 

Tim M- Supple Road

I don't know how you do it Carl, but the layup on this supple road is amazing. If I am just cruising along on a typical Cleveland road, at times it feels like I am riding high end steel. I realize I am also running 30's, and they play their part in all of this, but man it's so nice. And at the same time, it's plenty good climbing, I don't stand much, so when I'm sitting and hammering it's good to go. 

I am not an expert by any means, but that's how the ride feels most times on our typical roads, I like it alot.

Dwayne F- All Road

Pursuit is great! Second ever ride- second overall Moran 166! 

Charlie C- All Road

Tie Dye couldn't be happier.

Jon D- Pure Road