Tejay van Garderen's New Bike

We have fast friends

As many of you know, Tejay van Garderen grew up in Bozeman. Carl raced with his father Marcel, and for many years Strong Frames sponsored him. He also worked at Strong Frames for several years.

Since he's gone off to be a Pro Bike racer, he always stayed in touch. He's sent us jerseys from every team he's ridden for, and even a white jersey from the TDF. He wore the polka dot for a day and his Dad and Carl were both hoping they might get their hands on it, but no luck.

At any rate, about 6-7 years ago Carl built him a titanium Strong. He wanted a bike that was his own. Something he could have just the way he wanted, and something that he could keep for the long haul. Well unfortunately, last year his Strong, along with a lot of other stuff was stolen. He was pretty heart-broken, so we built him a Pursuit All Road. He just recently took delivery, and he loves it! We're hoping to get a lot more intel from him as he gets more miles on it.

Here is a pic he recently sent of himself and the bike, along with a few more pics of the bike.