Integrated Cable Routing

“Integrated” - “Fully Internal” - “Aero” Cable Routing

Integrated - Fully Internal Cable Routing

At Pursuit, we tailor the cable routing of each build to that specific customer's goals and priorities. There are no unused cable ports (unless you want them), and we can accommodate any drivetrain, including mechanical. 

There are two main types of routing configurations, depending on your priorities each has its own benefits. Part of our order process is discussing each and determining which is best for you.


Not to be confused with “integrated”, internal routing runs through the frame keeping everything clean and tidy, but from the controls to the frame, it is external. 


It seems we have settled on “integrated” as the term describing brake hoses and shift wires that are run internally from the levers, into the bars, through the stem and headset, and into the frame. Integrated routing yields a bike that has no visible controls routing. It produces a very clean look, and for those looking for incremental gains, it also reduces drag. 

We offer two versions of integrated routing:

Option #1 Enve IN-Route - Uses a larger upper bearing and external top cup.

Option #2 Columbus Trittico - Uses a smaller upper bearing that is internal, keeping the stack low.

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