Tour Framebuilding Process (gallery)

Unlike most small custom bike makers, Pursuit has multiple engineers and an in-house test lab. Jared Nelson, one of our founding partners, is a mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. who specializes in carbon fiber. He is responsible for all our laminate designs, test design, and analysis. We also have a design engineer, Jeff Wyatt, who does product design, tooling, and CAD design work. Finally, Luke Middelstadt, our production manager, is also a mechanical engineer. That’s a lot of engineering horsepower for a small company like Pursuit.

Once the engineering and design work is done, the manufacturing begins. Our frames are made in-house and are built to order for each customer. We do all layups and molding here in Bozeman as well as final construction.

Our construction process is referred to as “Modular Monocoque” (MM). It may be a bit of a misuse of the word monocoque, but it differentiates this type of process from the more common types used by custom builders — tube-to-tube and lugged. You can learn more about our process and others here and here.

MM construction allows us to build lighter frames that have a more complex shape. It also allows us to design for uninterrupted load paths in critical, high-stress areas. We could make a frame with fewer parts, but there’s a distinct advantage to using smaller parts. The smaller parts have larger openings, allowing access to the inside of each part. That access makes it possible to use perfectly form-fitting bladders, internal molds, and intensifiers. As a result, our parts have better material consolidation, increasing strength and fatigue life. It also gives us one more opportunity for quality control via a visual inspection of the inside of each part.

Below is a tour of a frame build. Although not complete, it gives a pretty good idea of just how much love and attention every single piece we make gets. Each frame is the center of our attention while we make it. There is no batch work and your frame is not just another number. It is made for you, with you in mind. And attention is paid to every little detail along the way.