Details and Geometry – All Road

At Pursuit, we make the antithesis of a generic, assembly-line bike. By the time your bike reaches you, only a handful of people have touched it. That level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is what sets Pursuit apart.

Tire Sizes

When it comes to tires clearance, flexibility is the name of the game. We wanted to make sure we could fit a broad range of tire sizes, and do so without compromising performance within that range of sizes.

You can run anything from a pure road race tire, up to a 40mm on a 700c rim, or 48mm on a 650b rim. And in some cases up to 50x650b depending on the tire.

The frame was designed to be ridden like a road race bike when you use smaller 23-28 tires and a gravel race bike with up to a 700×40. If you are looking for a comfortable all-day road bike, you might try 30-38 smooth tread tires. If you want to hit looser or more rocky roads or trails, you can swap to 650b wheel size and run up to a 48.

Tapered Steerer and IS Headset

We use an Internal Standard (IS) 52/41 headtube for a clean transition between frame and fork. The fork has a 1.250-inch tapered steerer for crisp steering response and sharp handling.

Cable Management

Internal cables with a modular guide system accommodate cables, wires, and hoses. We only include the guides you need for the shift system you select, so there are no unused cable guides.

T-47 Bottom Bracket

We think bottom brackets should be threaded. And we think threads should be metal. So we bonded in a titanium T47 bottom bracket insert. This ensures easy maintenance, prevents squeaking, and fits just about every crank out there.

142×12 Thru-Axle

This is the de facto standard for all high-end bikes. The thru-axle stiffens the chassis and assures that the wheel is always located exactly where it needs to be. We also incorporate a replaceable derailleur hanger and use titanium sleeves in the dropout to reduce wear and protect the paint.

Flat-Mount Brakes

Flat mount brakes give a clean traditional look to a modern system.

Round 27.2 Seatpost

While an aero post may provide a small advantage, we consider comfort a higher priority. We chose to use a round 27.2-mm seatpost for its compliance. We also use a standard external seat clamp because they keep the post in place while avoiding seizure or damage to the frame from over-tightening.


Part of customizing your Pursuit is ride-tuning the perfect layup for you. We tune the layup not only to optimize weight and stiffness but include other considerations such as impact resistance and vibration damping.

We use your goals, priorities, frame size, and bodyweight to balance a smooth ride and vibration reduction with stiffness for out-of-the-saddle efforts without sacrificing comfort when seated.

If you’re a larger rider, hammer, or someone that regularly throws down 1,000-plus watts, we will strategically add material for additional stiffness. If you seek added durability, we will add material to the top tube and seat stays to further strengthen areas that are prone to impacts or damage in a crash.


For you weight weenies out there we offer our Extralite layup. It can dip below 700 grams on smaller, unpainted frames. We build it with a thinner layup of exotic fibers for lightness and stiffness and further shave weight by focusing on the small parts that can add up—cable guides, bottle bosses, etc.

Sizing and Geo

We made a couple of important decisions when we designed the All Road. The geometry is pretty much that of a road bike although we lengthened the wheelbase slightly for tire clearance. We also raised the stack (headtube height) a small amount and raised the bottom bracket ever so slightly so you can run 650 wheels. Learn more about how gravel bikes are designed here.

Custom sizing and geo are available. Contact carl@pursuitcycles if you are interested in custom size or geometry and would like to learn more about what is possible.

Unlike most companies, our sizes are measured by the effective top tube. We do this because it’s the most important measurement on the bike. When comparing our frame sizing to others, be sure to use either the effective top tube length or stack/reach to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Geo Diagram
AEffective Toptube53.5
54.054.555.055.555.5 Tall56.056.557.057.0 Tall57.55858.5
BHead Tube Length135135135135135165165165165180180180180
EHead Tube Angle72.572.572.572.572.572.572.572.572.572.572.572.572.5
FFork Offset47474747474747474747474747
HSeat Tube Angle74747474747373737373737373
IChainstay Length425425425425425425425425425425425425425
JBottom Bracket Drop75757575757575757575757575
LFront Center58058559059560591596601606606611616621