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Titanium Axle Guides

August 15th, 2020 by / In Tech

They say “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. Maybe not the prettiest example, but the point is that for any element of a bike, different designers will see all sorts of ways to accomplish their goal. That said, quite frequently you see most designers doing certain things the same way. And […]

Carbon Fiber Sucks at Threads

January 25th, 2020 by / In Tech

Obviously we love carbon fiber. After all, it’s the material we chose to make our bikes. Carbon fiber has many characteristics that make it ideal for bikes; lightweight, strong, and highly “tunable”. But there are some things it’s not so good at, and one of those things is threads. And in the case of the […]

“Simplicity is not the absence of clutter”

October 21st, 2018 by / In Tech Engineering meeting

By: Jeff Wyatt – Pinion Engineering My first meeting with Carl was technical discussions, angles, lengths, diameters, widths – a lot of detailed sketching – discussion. However, it was what was unsaid that could be heard clearly that day from all – the frame was to be on the traditional side of the aesthetic. The challenge then: […]

Small Companies and QC

September 23rd, 2018 by / In Tech

Do you ever wonder how smaller companies ensure they are making safe bikes and/or implementing quality control?? In traditional custom frame shops we have historically relied on the craftsman’s attention to detail, and the use of quality materials to ensure a safe product. At Pursuit we work to close the loop between design and manufacturing which […]

Our Super Secret Tricoque™ Technology (SSTT)

April 4th, 2018 by / In Tech Tricoque

Because I just learned how to add the (™) I feel compelled to trademark something. Seems the industry likes to throw around the term “monocoque” quite a bit so I’m going to mix it up. At Pursuit we employ Tricoque™ technology. That’s two better than monocoque. I kid, but in all seriousness we do build […]

The ABD’s of Composite Laminates

April 2nd, 2018 by / In Tech

It has been a while, but don’t worry, my students have been giving me plenty of blank stares in the meantime.  Seriously, I am teaching a course this semester called Design of Machine Elements which I consider a key opportunity for students to bridge their engineering knowledge toward their upcoming professional career.  Given the course […]

Fibers That Play Together Stay Together

January 19th, 2018 by / In Tech

This is my 3rd installment of the four part series on carbon fiber composite materials. This one is on the matrix that holds it all together. Previous posts talked about making raw carbon, and how carbon is used in bicycle frames. And in the final installment of this 4 part series I will go all blue-sky wanderlust on […]

High Performance Is More Than Just Modulus

November 16th, 2017 by / In Tech

My name is Kyle and I am the guy that spends the most time with Carl building here at Pursuit Cycles. In today’s post we will be covering the thing that makes up the majority of your bike. Carbon fiber. Around 60% by volume, epoxy, the remainder is something that we will talk about in the […]

Advanced Bike Tech: Stressing the importance of measuring Strain

September 25th, 2017 by / In Tech

Advanced Bike Tech Carbon fiber frames are lightweight, but how light is too light? It requires a lot of engineering to make sure your frame is light and strong. It has been a little while, but last we left it we were discussing anisotropy and the design implications.  Since then I have enjoyed one of the greatest perks […]

Your Carbon Bike is Made from Dinosaurs

April 26th, 2017 by / In Tech

I’m going to do a little 4 part mini-series on carbon fiber materials. In this first article we’ll cover where the actual individual fibers come from and in following articles we’ll discuss types of fibers; their characteristics, strengths and weakness. Then we’ll go over the epoxies(matrix) and finally we’ll discuss commercially available products that are commonly used in high-end carbon […]