The LeadOut AR

Coming Spring 2020!

LeadOut AR – Description

The AR is designed to be smooth and fast on all road surfaces, dirt, gravel, asphalt or whatever you might encounter.

Our layup for the AR is focused on keeping weight low on those big climbs and the geometry provides confidence so you can rip those choppy downhills. Put 25’s on it and it will rival many “pure” road bikes. Mount up some 40’s and take on any gravel efforts you choose, either way, this bike is fast. Throw on some 650×48’s and go fast on singletrack too.

The LeadOut AR is the perfect bike for you if you like fine, hand-crafted things built by dedicated artisans. It’s fabricated by hand in Bozeman Montana by us. And we think it’s beautiful.


Frameset with either Enve All-Road fork or Columbus Futura Gravel fork, Chris King Dropset and Chris King bottom bracket:

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Tire Sizes

Tire size is the main focus of this frame. We wanted to make sure we could fit a broad range of tire sizes, and do so without compromising performance within that range of sizes.

The frame was designed to be ridden like a road race bike when you use smaller 23-28 tires and a gravel race bike with up to a 700×40. If you are looking for a comfortable all-day road bike, you might try 30-38 smooth tread tires. If you want to hit looser or more rocky roads or trails, you can swap to 650b wheel size and run 48’s and in some brands even 50’s.

Sizing and Geometry

We made a couple of important decisions when we designed the LeadOut AR. The geometry is pretty much that of a road bike although we lengthened the wheelbase slightly for tire clearance. We also raised the stack (headtube height) a small amount and raised the bottom bracket ever so slightly so you can run 650 wheels. Learn more about how gravel bikes are designed here.

Sizes within our range of 54-58 are available in 1mm increments and customization of sizing and geometry is available. Let us know if you have a special request.

If you are interested in a LeadOut AR size that isn’t listed, please let us know. We are keeping track of sizing requirements and will add new sizes based on demand.

More Details and Images Coming Soon!

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