Supple Road

The Supple Road is the perfect middle ground between our Pure Road and All Road. It is designed with two sets of wheels in mind. We recommend 650b x 42’s for supple, all-road, or gravel use. The smaller wheel size allows for toe clearance with larger tires and/or fenders making a great year-round training bike. But we’ve kept the geometry closer to a Pure Road so you can swap over to 700c wheels making it a true road bike that can take up to 32mm tires. 


Design Priorities

Handling Characteristics

The geometry of the Supple Road is nearly identical to the Pure Road but we raised the bottom bracket slightly and increased tire clearances so it can fit a 700/32 or 650×42. Doing so allowed us to keep the wheelbase short and sporty, and the steering crisp and responsive.


In this day of making the lightest possible bikes, we want you to take comfort in the knowledge that your bike is built to last. We rigorously test our bikes during the design and manufacturing stages to ensure they meet strict international safety standards.


Without compromising ride quality or durability, the Supple Road is light but also durable enough to handle the abuse that rough dirt and gravel roads will throw at it. The Supple Road comes in a “Ride-Tuned” or “Extralite” layup.


The result is a bike that can be both fast and aggressive on paved roads and also gives you the freedom to create new routes and explore. You don’t need to limit yourself to paved rides anymore.

The stiff chassis is perfect for rolling the hills and standing on the climbs. The low bottom bracket gives the ability to corner fast and stick to the ground, inspiring confidence when descending technical roads at high speed.