Gravel Road

October 1st, 2019 by / In Updates

Gravel Road

Gravel-Grinder, All-Road, etc. We all know these country-road style bikes are the rage. Fortunately, Carl and Erik have been making Strong Frames and Alliance Bicycles gravel bikes for decades, so it’s nothing new to us. We have thousands of them under our belt and have experimented with just about every variation you can imagine.

The balance between road and off-road use can vary radically from one manufacturer or model to another. Some fit MTB tires while others opt to stick more to the road end of the continuum. As tire clearance gets larger, the length of the frame must increase. As the frame gets longer it handles more like an MTB.

We are opting towards the road end of the spectrum. Our current prototype takes up to 40mm tires, will have fender mounts and can run double chainrings. We want this to be a road bike that you can use for gravel, dirt, trails, etc. without compromising performance when you are on the road. 

Testing is underway and we’re getting close. If you think you might be interested, you can join our special gravel bike update list by emailing with the word “Gravel” in the subject line. We will be sending information and updates to this list that our main list won’t get, as well as offering first chance to order from our limited initial run.