Red Kite Ronde et Vous

October 21st, 2018 by / In Experience

This past few days were pretty stellar for the crew at Pursuit Cycles. Jared flew in from New York and we had a great few days in Bozeman working on graphics and paint for our 2019 offerings, and making some improvements to our processes. We’re all really excited for the coming years offerings.

After the productive session in Bozeman, Jared and I headed west. First stop was Coer d Alene and Jared’s inlaws there. A little time spent with the extended family is always good!

We then headed down towards California via Bend OR and a night spent with an old friend of Jared’s there. Friday morning found us rollin’ the Sprinter down through Klamath Falls OR. and on to Santa Rosa, CA. to meet up with the crew from Red Kite Prayer and attend their Ronde et vous.

First off, if you’re in Santa Rosa, stay at the Astro Motel. Even if it’s one night it’s worth checking out. It’s an old school motor inn from the Fifties, but with all modern amenities. The rooms are quiet, the beds and linens are high quality, the furniture is often period correct and mostly for sale! There’s cool art, and a great little courtyard to hang out in, and the best part is the lounge. Not just a lounge, but a bike repair area with a full compliment of Park tools, a stand, pump, all the stuff you need on a bike vacation. They serve coffee in the morning, and they have rental bikes if you just want to cruise around town. Stellar spot. Friday night we all had burritos from the taqueria around the corner, and they were solid. I heard a couple people saying “best burrito ever” …

Saturday morning we were treated to some of the best mixed surface riding that the area has to offer. Patrick took us to Occidental where we met in the parking lot of the Union Hotel, and were briefed on our days route. The planned loop would take us over roughly 53 miles of dirt road, two track, single track and some pavement with over 5,000 feet of climbing. A pretty healthy day of work on gravel bikes, and we had great weather for it. This part of California is stunning in its beauty, but the terrain can bite you if you’re not careful. No one in our group crashed, but it’s not only that to worry about…there’s a lot of poison oak in the region…careful where you step!!

After our ride most of us grabbed sandwiches at the local grocery store, and they throw some grub in Occidental. No one went home hungry for sure, and I saved half of mine for dinner on the drive home! Patrick provided us all with dinner from a local Italian place and again, no one went away hungry!! George Mount provided a pretty amazing selection of wines that he bottled himself and all varietals were excellent. Great rider, great vintner apparently! We and several other vendors had bikes on display and I spent the evening answering questions about what we’re doing at Pursuit. People had lots of great questions, and it’s really great hearing comments and compliments about the bikes.

Sunday morning our feed was provided by a local waffle maker who pulled his trailer into the Astro parking lot and made Belgian waffles for everyone. Stupid good…we burned those calories by riding over to Annandale State park and riding a bunch of great two tracks on the gravel bikes. I’m sure there’s a ton of other stuff to do in there, but the stuff we rode was pretty giggle inspiring as it was!
Those were pretty much the hits of the past week, the only bummer was the 16 hours spent solo driving home, but even that was pretty damn good. Windshield time and some great podcasts, what else do you really need?