What’s taking so long at Pursuit Cycles?

August 11th, 2017 by / In Updates

We were hoping we’d be showing you all sorts of awesomeness by now, but I guess we were a little too confident. We knew things would take longer than planned and tried to be conservative, but even our conservative estimates were a little optimistic.

To bring you up to date on whats happening at Pursuit Cycles, here is a little outline of what we’ve been doing and next steps.

Material Testing – Everything starts with the basic material. In order to optimize design we needed to start with material properties. The material manufacturers provide properties but we needed to confirm them and/or revise them with our own findings. So the first thing we did was produce coupons from the material we were considering for use and test for their properties.

The test Jared did was a tensile test with open hole and digital image correlation (DIC). From this test we got accurate values for ultimate strength and modulus.

I’ll be dedicating an article to testing and quality assurance soon.

3D Solid Models – Our design engineer Jeff did the design and modeling and did a fantastic job. During this process we worked on form, size, geo and stuff like that. Below is a cool photo realistic rendering he generated from the 3D model.

3D Printed Models – Once we were happy with the design we 3D printed the frame. Then we took the 3D printed frame and hung some parts on it so we could validate all the measurements and angles .  We also wanted to make sure there were no issues with clearances for parts. As it was, we did find a couple small issues which we addressed by making the needed changes

Making Molds – Next to engineering, the molds have been our largest investment. The frames are made up of 9 parts, 4 of which are used on every frame size with the rest being size specific. Each part has it’s own mold. The breakout below shows the different parts.
We cut  test molds and developed processes for manufacture. We wanted to be able to test parts and make sure we were getting good consolidation and flawless materiel layup. The key to good fatigue life is to avoid any wrinkles, waviness or porosity in the layup.
While all that was going on Jeff was busy designing the rest of the molds and our Intern Kyle and I made testing equipment.
So now is the big push.  All our molds are made or being made, the test lab is being set up and we’ll be testing and riding first articles very soon.
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